August 21, 2020


I’m a JavaScript developer, working on some JavaScript open source projects, learning some JavaScript coding skills and sharing my JavaScript coding experiences.


This blog is based on Hexo, automatically built by GitHub Actions.

This theme is called Cupertino, you can get it here, but it’s still in test even it’s pretty.


In 2018, A teacher of mine gave me C++ Primer Plus at that time, I started coding then. I looked for how to start coding online and learned HTML and C++ from it.

I’ve started working on open source projects since the summer of 2018. But I joined GitHub in 2019.

The screen shot of when I joined GitHub

At present, I’m working on Node.js.

I’m just loving coding, but nothing else.

I always work on my open source porjects at weekends. So if you submitted an issue or a pull request, I will respond only at weekends, but sometimes on weekdays.


If you want to contact me, just email me.


I’m a member of @BOOK-BLOG, but our team is focusing on Transmister - The Secure, Fast, Lightweight messaging app. If you want to know what I can do, visit my CodePen home page

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